Years after the demise of the General Shehu Musa Yar’adua, the need to examine his achievements, his dreams, aspirations and legacy has become unavoidable just as the country continues to grope in the same darkness that had characterized its search for political stability and Economic growth.even more is the realization of what the Late Tafida stood for in his life time and what he sought to achieve throughout his stay on the sand of time.

This become more pronounced as corruption, greed mixed with all kind of illegalities and selfishness has held the nation down thereby making the usual transition from one regime to another a sensitive and fragile occurrence.

This is why the formation of a body that will be guided by the legacy of the Late Tafida has become unavoidable now that the country is battling to brake from her ugly and corrupt past amid’st its corrupt and unpopular leaders mixed with the ignorant public who are yet to know and identify the power of their vote in the country’s search for stability and greatness.