You can make a difference today, give what you can to those that need it most – every bit helps! All funds donated to ASYARF will be used in one of our many project locations to help only the poorest of the poor. None of your contributions will ever go to administrative costs or other expenses.

Do you know that?

  • » An estimated 59.5 million peopl are now living with the AIDS virus worldwide as infection rates and deaths from the disease continues to mount.
  • » AIDS has killed more than 25 million since the first case was reported in 1981 making it one of the most destructive illness in history.
  • » some 2.9 million people have died this year from AIDS related illnesses and 4.3 million were infected with HIV virus.
  • » Majority of the infected people live in countries with highest poverty levels.
  • » over 20% of the world populations are living below poverty level.
  • » Over 25% of school age children are out of school due to the inability of the parents to provide for them.
  • » Six million children are living as orphans and vulnerable children.
  • » There yet to be established an accurate statistics of employable but yet unemployed youths out there in the streets
  • » 450 million children are homeless

Your assistance to us today, will go a long way to reduce this evil trend that is ravaging the world.

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