Grassroots Empowerment


ASYARF is determined to enhance the livelihood of the people in the Rural Areas by the provision of viable goods and materials to the grassroot and to bring back hope to the down trodden.


We invite all women and youths in joining hands with us in building a better society.

The Foundation and the Media

As usual, since the role of the media in nations building and development are indispensable tools towards the realization of the importance of the fourth realms is very imperative on Government in order to achieve the objective we are set out for.

There is no understatement in that Non-Governmental Agency, Civil Society Organization cannot fulfill its objectives if such does not embrace the media as a good partner in business and programmes.

National Press Conference

The Administrators and the National Co-ordinator of the foundation will be organizing National Press Conference quarterly, in order to project the focus of the foundation where stated. Governments, local Governments, Corporate bodies, organization and individuals will be invited to contribute towards the realization and stability of the foundation both in USA and other nations.

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