ASYARF Observing Elections

Asabe Shehu Yar’Adua Foundation is an accredited civil society observer in elections which is in line with the United Nations’ policy framework on election transparency. The organisation has observed Presidential, Governorship and Local Government Elections in Nigeria over the years as well as ECOWAS such as Liberia.

The Foundation remains an independent observer with an undying commitment to actualize its goals in giving the long awaited free and fair elections. The Foundation revives the dying values towards a strong and united, more focused society, good governance, capacity building workshops, public lectures such as “Youth and Electoral Violence in Africa”, ethical training and sensitization on voter’s registration exercise.

In conclusion, as best practice Civil Society Organization (CSO), from all our previous observation, we deduce that elections went on peacefully and smoothly across the country. It is the foundations hope that the forthcoming elections shall equally be smooth, peaceful and transparent.

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